Best Selection of NBA Playoffs & Finals Tickets

Great Seats for the Biggest Event in Professional Basketball

NBA Finals offers an assorted inventory of great tickets to the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals Championship. As the pro basketball division of, we specialize in hard to find NBA Finals tickets and luxury skybox suites. From floor-level tickets and lower-level seats to the luxury suites, we have many amazing options for you to be right in the middle of the year's best pro basketball action.

The drama of the NBA Playoffs is unmatched in professional sports. The best of seven finals series offers a level of excitement unlike the Super Bowl because your team can always make a miraculous comeback to win the Championship.

Teams that win the first round advance to the conference semifinals. The seven game round starts, and the top four teams advance to the Conference Finals. Finally, the NBA Finals pit the two best teams in the league for a best of seven series, one team from the Eastern Conference and the other team from the Western Conference.

When making your plans, be sure to keep in mind that each series may be extended to the full seven games so have your tickets and hotel accommodations locked up early so there is no stress later. Many different tickets are available to each game of the total 15 different playoffs series. Although some teams usually win their series without needing to go the full seven games, the 15 different series of playoff games means a maximum 105 games. Multiple configurations are available.

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